To meet all the needs a garment needs we work with a modern knitwear machine. This way we can execute custom tire orders. This service applies to all tire products.

Our creative department is at your disposal to create your design so that you have a representative product outline before ordering begins. To meet your needs we work with external artists – painters for the best results.

Embroidery – tailoring is the design that is done with a thread embroidery machine. We have at our disposal two TAJIMA 15 head embroidery machines and nine different spinners each. This enables us to produce faster and more colors.

The printing of a garment is done with special metal frames, the silk screen prints. Divided into two categories, it is about how to put it on the garment. The printing process is a good and quick solution to a cheap end product with a great resale profit margin.

Thermal sublimation pigment printing has become a popular and flexible process. An image is printed on a transfer paper which is contacted with a polyester fabric by means of a high temperature roll. Under heat and pressure, the solid pigment sublimates and diffuses into the fabric, thereby stabilizing the fibers.

DTG or DGP stands for Direct to Garment Printing, ie direct printing on the fabric. It is the newest technology in the way of textile printing worldwide.

Embossing refers to the process of creating embossed or embossed surfaces on the printed surface, using a metal plate (cliché) which is applied with high pressure to the surface of the fabric.

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